Monokini – A naked girl on the cover and songs about love in all various positions:
This record was made to be a top-seller

by Brezel Göring

The cover of Monokini features Françoise Cactus sitting naked on a dead dog carpet. The picture was taken in a Berlin public swimming pool, accompanied by insults of dog-loving-idiots. It was taken by Klaus Theuerkauf from the Endart Galerry.
Our quoting for “Monokini” was: 40% Chanson, 20% R’n'R, 10% Punkrock, 3% DAF-Sequencer, 4% Jacques Dutronc-Rhythmique, 7% Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg, 1,5% Cosmonaute, 10% really old synthesizers, 10% 8-bit Amiga-sampling, 10% transistor amplifier, 1% really expensive and advanced instruments.

In 1996, right after the CD OH AH came out, we applied for the Beat-Studio, that is owned by the city of Berlin. This studio – equipped with the newest technique – is given for free to Berlin musicians, one week there is a comedian theater project recording, the next week a heavy metal band from the suburbs.
We went there and recorded 8 tracks with Lesley Campbell and Iznogood, of which 4 appeared on the record. The rest was recorded by Françoise and Brezel on another occasion at the Beat Studio. The technician in the studio was Gerd Blum.

“Ach Ach Liebling”, the first track, is a coverversion of the Françoise Hardy song “Oh Oh chéri”. She also sang a german version of this song, but with unbeareble square lyrics. So Françoise Cactus wrote new words around the phrase Ach Ach Liebling. The music is a reference to the German early 80ties electronic-New Wave-band DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft). They were famous for minimal repeating bass-lines including a lot of tritonus. We are big fans of this band.

“Lunatique” is a song about a moody guy. The girls chorus of this Jacques Dutronc-like beatstomper includes Lesley, Ogar Grafe and Sigrid Ortwein.

Brezel has got a rendezvous with a “Supergirl”. She is addicted to luxurious labels and brands: Chanel, Shizeido, Guerlin … : “When I will pick you up, you won’t need this stuff anymore.”

“Loving you means suffering, and I don’t want to suffer anymore” This line is from the tragic song “Furore”, originally sung by the Italian singer Adriano Celentano in the 50ies. It is a classic “Engtanznummer” – this means dancing close together.

“Schön von hinten” is about a girl saying to her boyfriend that he is beautiful from the backside – when he is going away: “How could I miss you, when you are always by me?” Hermann Halb played us some Hawai-tempered guitars for this tune. Deborah Schamoni made a video about this song: A girl is flying from city to city and in every airport there is the same guy waiting, the guy of whom she wanted to run away (played by Tutti Frutti, one of the Lolitas’ members).

“Dilindam” is a love song under the rain, a french classic sung originally by Sylvie Vartan. When we recorded this song, it immediately started raining, so we recorded also the rain-sound.

“Cosmonaute” is a love-declaration to a beautiful cosmonaut. The lovers are flying endless in their celestial bed, you don’t know if they are already dead. This song features heavy long-wave-radio-noises.

“Aua” is a Sado/Maso-stomper in a primitive Rock’n'Roll-matter. “Stop hurting me!” – “Are you cured now?” It features Iznogood as a torture-master-vocalist, singing and mumbling.

“Und wer wird sich um mich kümmern” is about a girl, left all alone at home. She starts to do nothing but stupid things (being bored, she stops eating, drinks spirit, bothers the neighbors and burns down the house). It is a simple electric song, with three synthesizers.

“You saw me, you wanted me, you took me, but you didn’t understand me.” The song “Tu m’as voulue” is the only song that was mixed by Françoise and Brezel all alone: this Rock’a'Billy-garage-song was not sounding wild enough, so in 15 minutes we changed all the buttons of the huge mixing desk, while the sound-engineer Gerd Blume was shaking his head.

“Moustique” is a young boy who fell in love with Françoise. But she has enough of waiting after school for him, drinking Grenadine, exchanging stickers and getting baby-kisses.

Typical Californian punk rock: The song “LA, CA, USA” is about a girl getting lost in Los Angeles, California. This town is as big as Belgium. She is in panic and is talking to her mother who cannot hear her.

“L’appareil à sous” is a money-play-machine: Serge Gainsbourg, who wrote this song, complains that his girlfriend is playing games with him. After listening to his 80ies New Wave-tries we think that he would have interpreted the song like this himself, if he wouldn’t have died so early.

A song about a nightmare: A girl won the singing contest “Grand Prix”. She goes on stage to get her trophy, but on her way up she slips, she realizes that she is all naked, everybody is looking at her angry…But she knows that she won and she still feels happy …

We always wanted to visit Japan. Finally we had an idea: We translated
“Schön von hinten” into Japanese, and hoped that somebody would invite us to play there. Finally it worked.

Monokini was the first record for our new label Bungalow. It was also in
Japan on L’Appareil Photo and on Bobsled Records in America with some tracks of the first record.
Lesley Campbell was involved in the recordings, but then left the band. Then we had Angie Reed as a new guitar player, so she appeared on the cover.