The solo releases of Brezel Göring contain mostly music, that was to far out for Stereo Total: there is a lot of electronic toy madness, bubblegum noises, cartoon efffects, trautonium non-sense, selfbuilt instruments and an overall lofi-soundqualitiy.
His releases are so far:

“Megaflittchen” This was the song for an animation movie from SM van der Linden. Divine David used it as a title music for his TV-show. The song was released on the compilation “Psychsfifipoppia” on Gagarin records.

Bad News From The Stars Brezel Göring

Bad news from the stars“: a split record with the japanese band Barum One on Gagarin Records. The song “Bad news from the stars” (with Françoise Cactus singing) appeared later on the Stereo Total Album “Discoteque”.

Geliebt und doch nicht gefeuert Brezel Göring

Geliebt und doch nicht gefeuert” is a remix record of a song taken from that record. It has a remarkable cover.

“Ich bin so süchtig” is a 7″ with voices from Nico and Christiane F. It was very limited and immediatly sold out.

Brezel Göring also wrote a new score for the 1928 silent movie “Nosferatu” by Murnau, which he playes live alongside the screening of the movie.


Brezel Göring also appears in the band “Echokrank”.