Françoise Cactus’ and Brezel Göring’s comments on the „Baby Ouh“-songs

Hallo Damenklo/Hello Ladies-toilet (2’13“)
Françoise: The music is surprising, but the lyrics are very „social romantic“. Isn’t that old fashioned?
Brezel: Stereo Total is not doing analysis about social problems, nevertheless we know in what kind of world we are living in.

Alaska (2’16“)
Françoise: This is a very cold and elegant way to express a heartache. Frustration turned the unhappy lover into a robot, she became a remote controlled monster, a fridge…
Brezel: Low-fidelity is not only in mentioned in the lyrics, also the music is lo-fi. Despite the tightness of disco-music, the machine sounds in this song are handmade and untight.

Divines Handtasche/Divine’s Handbag (2’27“)
Françoise: Françoise and Brezel are fans of John Waters and they ask themselves: What is inside of Divine’s handbag? The curious young girls know it already: everything that goes well with bad taste.
Brezel: This song is a nightmare for parents: a school girl choir sings about the content of Divine’s handbag, which is not at all suitable for juveniles: lubrication gel, multicolored pills, hormones… The song was mend to be a catchy pop tune, but the bruitistic sounds stand somehow in the way.

Andy Warhol (3’37“)
Françoise: Here comes more Underground Culture. This song is dedicated to the super cool artist Andy Warhol, who became a victim of his own coolness, when he met Valerie Solanas, who shot him. Brezel: The idea of this song results of our efforts to stretch the name „Aaaaaaaaandy Warhol“ to the length of 16 bars. Together with „Alaska“ and „Baby Ouh“ it is part of the „Cheat and revenge“- Trilogy on this record. In this song the story ends almost with murder, in „Alaska“ it ends with becoming icy…

La Barbe À Papa (3’)
Françoise: This song was written by Brigitte Fontaine. That’s why it is poetic and hilarious. It is a song about the carelessness of youth.

No Controles (2’36“)
Françoise: This hymn is sung in Spanish: don’t try to control Stereo Total. It is a cover, originally played by the band Ole Ole.

Du Bist Gut Zu Vögeln (2’51“)
Françoise: The lyrics were written by Wolfgang Müller, founding member of the 80ties concept- noise- music- performance- underground- band „Die Tödliche Doris“, which was part of the „ingenious dilettant“- movement in Berlin. The lyrics are based on a word game (gut zu Vögeln = you treat birds well, gut zu vögeln = it is a pleasure to fuck you) – almost impossible to translate. Dear non-German-listeners, lean back, forget about the words and enjoy the birdcall-record-scratching…

I Wanna Be A Mama (2’32“)
Françoise: Stereo Total love the movies of Almodovar. They were thrilled to find out that he had a band in the 80ties. In this song Brezel declares, that he wants to become a mother and he spreads out his educational concepts. We don’t know if the pope will give his sermon to this…

Babyboom Ohne Mich (2’04“)
Françoise: Here comes no fun! Babyboom – not with me! There is a karaoke-version of this song, where you can fill in the blanks „—not with me!“ Fill in, whatever you dislike.

Lady Dandy (2’24“)
Françoise: Here comes a song for lesbians: „Lady Dandy, …love is just a prison…“ What could have happened, if Lady Gaga would have chosen the name Lady Dandy?
Brezel: This is an inside view on emotional dandyism: the Dandyette is ice cold…

Illégal (2’53“)
Françoise: That’s not French, this is Québecquoué! The language they speak in Montreal.
Brezel: Even though this song recorded on a wobbly tape fails all quality standards it got a lot of airplay in Canada.

Wenn Ich Ein Junge Wär (1’52“)
Françoise: This is a cover by Rita Pavone, an Italian 50ties singer, wearing a leather jacket, short curly hair and freckles. It was already covered by Nina Hagen, who added a more rebellious dimension to the song.
Brezel: If I were a boy, I would avoid the fetishism about technology, that boys normally have. What was once the good thing about electronically produced music? Simple machines from the flea market, fast production, that would turn the listeners expectations inside out. Energetic music, whereas the origin of the energy is unknown. There are no professionals, because the music has just been invented and nobody knows how to do it „the right way“. This is a song about being an amateur for lifetime and it makes fun of the male specialists: „After my sex-change I am going to become a professional football player and a motorbike- macho!“

Tour De France (2’48“)
Françoise: We are modern, we are sporty! This Kraftwerk-song is good for bike pedaling and Farfisa organ pedaling. It was recorded in Berlin at the Endart-Galerie together with the Oberkreuzberger Noseflute Orchestra.
Brezel: Probably they were very drunk when they recorded this one.

Larmes De Métal (2’33“)
Françoise: Metallic tears, while the earth is heating up our hearts get colder.

Elles Te Bottent Mes Bottes? (2’36“)
Françoise: This song is totally old fashioned. It is like in the scene in the Jean Luc Godard movie „The despise“, where Brigitte Bardot asks Michel Piccoli, whether he prefers her hair or her skin…

Baby Ouh (5’06“)
Françoise: The only long song on this record. It is about true love, and that true love will last longer. Very kitschy: the drums are very fast while the singing is extremely slow. Not bad, this cheesy melody on the Electro-organ.
Brezel: A dark and sinister song, where desperation goes along with a Mickey-Mouse-Voice- transformer-effect.

Radiolied (This track is not on the North American edition.) 3’26“
Françoise: The lyrics were written by Udo Lindenberg. They show, how horrible it is, to be a musician. But it is not so bad after all! It depends how IN-trovert or OUT-trovert you are, it depends in how week you fight for your visions… It shows also how succeed as a romantic dreamer: when released for the first time the song did not do very well. At least it was released. Brezel: Maybe you will laugh about this song.