by Brezel Göring

In 2005 Stereo Total released a remix album. It featured discoremixes, different versions and a few new songs: there was a cover of the Motormark song “I hate everybody in the discoteque”, a cover of “Mothers little helpers” from the Rolling Stones in a Polyphonic Size-electro-version, there was “Stephanie says” from the Velvet Underground with new lyrics from Taxigirl and there was a remake from Gainsbourgs “Bad News from the stars”.

The remixes were:
Mars Rendezvous, Babystrich, Europa Neurotisch(remixed by Stereo Total)
Chelsea Girls (remixed by Thieves like us)
Das erste Mal (by Vredus and Justus Köhnke and four dub remixes by Mad Professor)
Troglodyten (remixed by Munk)