“Do the bambi” was released in 2004. With a total of nineteen songs it is the longest Stereo Total record: it features songs from a lot of projects (theaterplays, moviesoundtracks, musicals), that Stereo Total did after the recordings of “Musique Automatique”.

The song “Babystrich” is taken from the musical”Christiane F. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” that took place in Berlin in 2003. It was about junkie teenagers in the late 70ties in Berlin and is based on the autobiographic book from Christiane F.
There is also the song “Cinemania” which appeared in the documentary movie about cinemaniacs.
The songs “Vive le weekend”, “La douce humanité”, “T’as de tole” und “Cannibale” were originally part of the soundtrack that Stereo Total played on the movie “Weekend” by Jean Luc Godard.
Other movie-related songs on this record were “Orange Mechanique” which is a Clockwork Orange cover with Françoise Cactus as a feminin Alex, an angry chemical-drug addicted aggressor looking for ultra violence. There was also a cover from the Nico-song “Chelsea Girls”.
“Mars Rendezvous” was recorded with the french New Wave- minimal- Synthé- pop- legend Jacno: Françoise and Jacno are martians, who come to earth to make love with the earthlings, but they get drunk and bored and finally miss their flight back.
Stereo Total produced a audio-theater play for Bavarian Radio. It was called “Autobigophonie”. The songs “Helft mir”, “Das erste Mal” and “Partymädchen gefoltert” were written for this play.
The song “Ich bin nackt” was released as a single, there were versions in french, english and german.