Title: Musique Automatique
Release date: October 8th 2001

Musique Automatique offers Stereo Total at its purest. Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring entered new fields and have made a clear cut after their last four albums.

“The song Musique Automatique embodies various kinds of music (musique euphorique / barbiturique / chaotic / romantique…) and its telepathic spreading. The word construction Musique Automatique also reminds one of Ecriture Automatique, an invention of the surrealists. They once wrote poems by simply penning down various letters and words in the way their unconciousness told them to without any dictation of rationalism. While recording the album we were working in a similar way. There was no fixed idea what the record should be like and no higher esthetical concept. We have simply recorded what just came into our mind.”

Now, as a dual system and binary combination, Stereo Total comprehend how to use their natural transmitting conciousness.
After four albums and two years of touring through 19 countries they found their way into the “Airbase 1000 studio” of Finno-Turk Cem Oral (better known as Jammin Unit as part of Cologne based band Air Liquide). Cem understood what Brezel and Françoise are about. He ennobled Stereo Total’s unique mixture of garage-like esthetic of their early years with softly sweeping and hysteric impulsive sounds. Their music now seems more electronic and generally more complex. Even though the compositionary approach was less electronic and hand-played instruments were used as well as a real drum kit.
A pocket sampler and singular tune synthesizer as well as two old rhythm devices were the only electronic instruments used on the album. The songs are more like little self-willed compositions than a collection of quotes and cross references. Musique Automatique is again impossible to pigeonhole and “love” is still a very important subject in their songs. “Love With The Three Of Us” (it’s communistic) or the love for radio. There is also a song about love songs, expressing positive and a “say-yes-to-life” attitude in contrast to a forceful melancholic piece of music.

Stereo Total’s talent to cover other people’s compositions is shown once again on this longplayer. Musique Automatique features classics like “Wir tanzen im 4-Eck” (Die tödliche Doris), Nationale 7 (a remake of a Charles Trenet classic, after a stilistic model of the Honeymoon Killers) or Exakt Neutral a track by a totally unknown German band Deo (Stereo Total found this record by accident in Paris) and “Le diable” (which was also once covered by Brigitte Bardot).
This time they also sing a song in Turkish next to tracks in German, English and French.

“We had the intention to sing a track in Arabic or Turkish for a long time, also because we are living in the second biggest Turkish city after Istanbul. Thanks to Cem’s knowledge of the language and a little translation help of his father and his brother we finally managed to realise this project.”

The song “Cleptomane” was created in collaboration with Hamburg-based organ-noise-extremist Felix Kubin, the Jacques Mesrine of the Musique concrète.
As forerunner and creator of 80ies trash and children’s room excess sounds, Stereo Total have managed again to re-invent themselves. With Musique Automatique Françoise and Brezel deliver the survival elixir for late summer nights 2001.