There’s no denying it! Here comes the new Stereo Total album. A concept album of sorts and perfect for the summer months ahead of us, Stereo Total have dedicated most of their new albums to one theme: LOVE! The album is full of it: Most of the titles speak their own language: I Love You, Ono; Ich Liebe Dich, Alexander; Tokyo, Mon Amour; Ringo, I love you and on the top of it all you will find a couple on each side of the record. So what it is all about? “L’amour, c’est ma chanson”, says Françoise Cactus. Does it matter that it’s a Petula Clark quote …? “A record for girls”, says Brezel Göring, who is obviously in touch with his feminine side.

But as it’s the same with every Stereo Total record it would be too simple to reduce “MY MELODY” just to one theme or music style. So there is also maliciousness (“Discjockey” and the wonderful “Milky Boy Bourgeois”) and sorrow, (“Larmes Toxiques”: “Toxic Tears”) – the thirsty young man dies after drinking Madeleine’s tears). And there are ace cover versions: e.g. “I Love You Ono” taken from the 1982 success album Welcome Plastics by the Japanese band The Plastics. There’s also some fatherly advice from Brezel Göring addressed to Vanessa Paradis’ in “Joe Le Taxi” plus an old Gainsbourg classic “Vilaines Filles, Mauvais Garçons”. And – at least – not to forget hiphop-a-like smasher “Beautycase” which tells of the difficulties of finding the right cosmetic combinations as well as the trials and tribulations of trying to attract a certain someone.

Technologically, this album steps well into high-tech-land, marking the quantum leap into 16-bit land for Stereo Total. Musically, MY MELODY is of course a landmark, not more and not less. Now that Stereo Total records are being released simultaneously worldwide (Europe, Japan & USA), the internationality is coming to full bloom. More English, more French, more German, more Japanese, simply more of everything. This time one recording session was sufficient (whereas “Juke-Box-Alarm” their previous album was set up, destroyed and pieced back together in three different recording studios), once more with legendary German New Wave figure Kurt “Pyrolator” Dahlke, formerly of “Der Plan” …

“MY MELODY” is released in Europe, Japan and the USA. Since the band had domestic releases of their last albums in the US and the media (headed by magazines like Spin, Village Voice and the other usual suspects) started to rave about the band, Americans have started buying Stereo Total records in vast amounts. After coming back from two curios concerts in Russia (Moscow and Novosibirsk) at the end of September 1999 Stereo Total toured the USA for over 3 weeks, with sold-out shows in several cities like NYC and Chigago.

To top all this, the album comes in a sleeve that tributes the worst of the 80ies with a hug and surely could have scored in the charts of worst cover artworks of 1989. Not to mention that the record is musically all over the map, assisting the “theme” in every way. Just like LOVE can sometimes be, the music on this disc is at times funny, sad, kitschy and irritating, then again it’s beautiful, painful, trashy and just simply great!