We are Stereo Total and this is what we sound like: OH AH

by Brezel Göring

The title of this record was an accident: The designer of the cover, Sabina Maria van der Linden, wanted to fill out a blanc space with something colorful, so she made these round spots with OH, AH and OH in it. Afterwards everybody started calling the record OH AH, and we thought this was a good title.
OH AH was the first STEREO TOTAL LP and CD. It was released in December 95/ January 96 on Peace 95 Records and the vinyl came out on Little Teddy Records in 3 different vinyl colors. It was recorded in different places under primitive conditions and was strictly »no instrument costs more than 100 DM«. The setup of the band at this time was Françoise Cactus singing and playing drums and beat box, the Scottish girl Lesley Campbell on guitar and Brezel Göring on organ and synthesizer and guitar. Right before the record was issued, Iznogood from Palestina joined the band, he played bass with a special effect called »Bass Balls«. His picture was added on the back of the vinyl-version.
The first song »Dactylo Rock« is about a secretary thinking about her lover while typewriting. The song features a typewriter-hookline. It was originally recorded for the EP »Allô j’écoute«, a four track single that came out on Desert Records in 1995. It was recorded by Bo Kondren at Calyx studio (Berlin). Brezel played guitar and Françoise programmed the drum machine.
»C’est la mort« is a french lection, lesson one: Françoise was asking people in Berlin bars, which phrases they knew in French. From the answers she wrote this song: c’est la vie, c’est la mort. The drums were played by Wolle X, Brezel was on synthesizer and sampler. It was recorded on 4-track.
»Miau Miau« is a song about an angry female cat, who is arguing with a male cat who spent all night on other people’s roofs and comes back in the morning to get his milk. The sound is typical for Stereo Total at this time: Garage-Rock’a'Billy with two guitars and no bass. Nixe made the miau-cat-sounds. The whole song was recorded in Hamburg at Alien Sound Studio by Peter Stein.
»Comme un garçon« (»like a boy I am driving a motorbike, but in your arms I am like a little girl«, a song that should have been originally sung by Brezel) was originally played by the French singer Sylvie Vartan. We did a Glam-rock cover-version of it. The insults in the beginning are taken from the Jean-Luc Godard-movie »Weekend«. It was also recorded at Alien Sound.
»Belami« is a result of the bands favour for Old school Hip hop, Gainsbourg sexy music, Louie Louie kind of R’n'R’, French 60ties pop singers singing in German and cultural misunderstandings. A Parisian girl brings her new German boyfriend to the airport or to the Gare du Nord, knowing that she will never see him again.
»Johnny« (is the man for me) is a song Brezel sings about a boy, that he always was watching, and he knows, that one day this guy will come and ask: »Sugar, are you coming with me?« The song was played on a Bontempiorgan and Jacques Palminger played snaredrum.
»Morose«: you bring me roses, but flowers give me the desire to die, and the good times are boring me.
»Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais«: I came to say that I am leaving. This is a cover-version of a Serge Gainsbourg song. It was recorded on 4-track in our reherseal place.
»Push it« from Salt and Peppa is one of our all time favorites in a garage-version. At the end we hear one sentence from the 2 Live Crew: »I think this type of sexual activity is disgusting.«
»Souvenir Souvenir« was recorded in New Orleans by Alex Chilton in his living room. Françoise knew him, because he produced one record of her former band »Lolitas«. Coco, who was also in the Lolitas, is playing the guitar.
»Auf dem blauen Meer«: This song is about a funeral of a seaman on the sea.
»Moviestar« is a cover-version from the Swedish singer Harpo, who was famous in the 70ties. Harpo refused to go to the army and was arrested and had to go to jail. This act of pacifism ruined his pop career.
»À l’amour comme à la guerre«: Love is like war and I am not the red cross or your mother.
»Get down tonight« was recorded in the same session in New Orleans, Joe Triola Drake is playing the discobass, Alex Chilton is playing the drums on this KC and the Sunshineband-coverversion: Disco-get-downer-tonight.
»Dans le parc« is about a couple lying in the park, while they see passers-by passing by.
»Epitaph« is an inscription on a gravestone: Here she is lying as she used to do, only difference, she used to move her bottom. The song was originally part of a rock-opera Françoise wanted to compose.
»Moi je joue« (»I am playing«) is an old Brigitte Bardot song. Coco is playing the Kalimba. This was the end of our first record.
It was released by Bungalow with two different versions of Dactylo Rock. It was also released in Japan by Appareil Photo, with 5 bonustracks.